Beets STEAM Fun4Kids Lesson
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Measurement Lab: Observing Beets

In this observation lab students are introduced to basic measuring tools: metric ruler, metric tape measure, balance scale and gram weights. The example lesson is drawn from a second grade class who have been presented with fresh beets to observe. However, this lesson can be done at any grade level using any type of engaging object… Continue reading Measurement Lab: Observing Beets

Ghosts STEAM Fun4Kids lesson
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Flying Ghosts: Observing, Predicting, and Testing

This science-math-arts lesson starts off with the following story. Now we all know that there are no ghosts in real life, but we can make ghosts out of paper. Once upon a time there were three little paper ghosts. (Cut out a paper ghost) like this one. These ghosts just loved to fly around. Each had a special… Continue reading Flying Ghosts: Observing, Predicting, and Testing