Ghosts STEAM Fun4Kids lesson
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Flying Ghosts: Observing, Predicting, and Testing

This science-math-arts lesson starts off with the following story. Now we all know that there are no ghosts in real life, but we can make ghosts out of paper. Once upon a time there were three little paper ghosts. (Cut out a paper ghost) like this one. These ghosts just loved to fly around. Each had a special… Continue reading Flying Ghosts: Observing, Predicting, and Testing

Sunflowers STEAM Fun4Kids Lesson
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Sunflowers: A Science & Math Observation Lab

Scientists use their senses to observe and formulate questions. In this lesson a first grade class observes sunflower heads. WOW [Wonderful Object of Wonder]: 5 large sunflower heads and 1 sunflower still on its stem. Objectives:  Children will name their senses and then use them to make observations and create questions (Linguistic, physical, cognitive, and creative… Continue reading Sunflowers: A Science & Math Observation Lab

Sensory Lesson STEAM Fun4Kids
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Being a Scientist: Sensory Observation Lab

Setting up a sensory observation lab We are born scientists. From birth children can see, smell, hear, touch, and taste.  Observations made with our senses are the foundation of scientific inquiry. So that is where we start... This activity can be done with children of any age. With very young children, it works best and is safest when an… Continue reading Being a Scientist: Sensory Observation Lab

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Think Like a Scientist

Here is a toe tapping song that highlights the things scientists do. Sing it to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Think Like a Scientist: The Science Song by Joan Koster Observation is the key. Scientists listen, touch, smell, and see. [use appropriate hand gestures – at end of line have students cover mouth and say… Continue reading Think Like a Scientist

Basic Tools STEAM Fun4Kids
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Tools for Young Scientists

Tools for Young Scientists Here is a list of the basic tools children need to explore their world. Their senses - eyes, ears, fingers, noses, and sometimes their mouths Magnifying glasses A scale A timer A ruler and/or a measuring tape Access to nature and man-made objects Their imaginations Everything else is an extra. So… Continue reading Tools for Young Scientists

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STEM for Me and You

S.T.E.M. It's the hot new acronym for something that's been around for a long time.       -Science                           -Technology                                               -Engineering                                                                     -Mathematics Join us as we help kids explore, experiment, measure, calculate, design, structure, and communicate about our universe. What you will find... STEM Projects for… Continue reading STEM for Me and You