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Think Like a Scientist

Here is a toe tapping song that highlights the things scientists do.

Sing it to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Think Like a Scientist: The Science Song


by Joan Koster

Observation is the key.

Scientists listen, touch, smell, and see. [use appropriate hand gestures – at end of line have students cover mouth and say NO TASTE]

Lenses, rulers, scales – the tools. [substitute whatever tools you are using at the time]

Asking questions is the rule.

Making predictions is what comes next.

Being a scientist is the best!


Next comes testing – Oh what fun!

Record that data everyone.(mime writing)

Comparing is not difficult (use hands as balance scale)

Concluding is based on results.

Scientists share what they know

That is how our knowledge grows


After sharing we think some more

What new questions are in store (make a question mark with hands)

For scientists to ask and then

Test, record, compare again. (move hands in circle)

That is what inquiring minds do. (tap head)

That is how we discover what’s new. (spread arms out wide)

Inquiry Wheel



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