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Why The “A” in STEAM?

Lego HouseA  is for Arts

Since 2007 there has been an refocused awareness on the teaching of the STEM subjects – the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics – using hands-on, real life problems. However, this should not be done by eliminating the arts. They are an integral part of the sciences. Think of the importance of aesthetics and art in designing bridges and robots, drawing meaningful biology diagrams, imagining the universe, and in representing patterns in numbers.

STE[A]M goes beyond the 4 STEM subjects. The bracketed A stands for the arts. These include the fine arts, music, dance, drama, and literature. In STEAM education the focus is on nourishing children’s curiosity, imagination, and creativity by drawing on the arts in the context of exploring science, math, technology, and engineering projects. Well-designed STEAM activities teach children to become astute observers, designers, and creators, while introducing them to the critical thinking and decision making skills needed for successful STEM careers and for the enjoyment of life.


STEAM = Science & Technology

interpreted through Engineering & the Arts,

all based on Mathematical Principles 

In addition, the arts are a powerful learning tool: The University of Florida has created a graphic showing why the arts belong in STEM education:

University of Florida’s Online Master of Arts in Art Education




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